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Since the mid 1960's Hotwork has become most expirienced and well known company for refractory drying and heating up on all kind of furnaces in the world. Thanks to our clients we can look back to 10.000+ projects and 400+ melting system arround the wold. 

Over the years Hotwork has expanded to offer specialized services ranging from simple dry out using up to 4 burners in steel ladles or incineration furnaces to complex projects such as float furnace comissioning, alumina calciners, cat crackers (FCCU), coke ovens, circulating fluid bed boilers (CFB) as well as highly efficient complete combustion and melting technology for the glass and aluminum industry. 

Hotwork maintains 250+ portable combustion equipment located in our hubs worldwide. Our 60+ highly skilled and expirienced engineers are happy to be at your service. 


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Hotwork International remains to be the best solution partner in terms of accessibility, affordability and reliability with utmost quality.

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Hotwork Guaranteed Flexibility

Hotwork International stands to live by its objective; flexibility, experience, availability.

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Welcome 2015!

A happy new year from Hotwork International.

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